Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

RamaMeditationSociety offers a Book club, educational webinars, events and more. - Free mp3 talks by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz, meditation music, recommended reading and much more. – Free spiritual teachings by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz. Teachings on meditation, Buddhism, mysticism, and many other spiritual topics. and - Beautiful meditation music by Zazen.

Liz Lewinson is the author of American Buddhist Rebel and Women, Meditation and Power. Both books are highly recommended.

American Buddhist Rebel: The Story of Rama - Dr. Frederick LenzI love how this book intertwines biography, teachings, great stories and testimonials about Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz's life. Winner of the 2016 Eric Hoffer Award, this acclaimed biography of the brilliant, controversial Buddhist teacher Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz (1950 - 1998) tells the story of a free-spirited, sports jock teenager who transforms into an iconoclastic, innovative leader.

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Women, Meditation and Power discusses the innate spiritual power of women and how many women have not yet realized this amazing state. Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz talked about this topic and many of his teachings are quoted. If you are a woman who is seeking to regain your identity, power and self-confidence, I would highly recommend reading this book. - Engaging and hi-vibe blog by a modern day yogi who lives and works in the world.

MeditationTrainings.blogspot - Instructions for beginning and intermediate meditation, illustrated with beautiful photos.

RamaMasterOfEnlightenment - Rama's teachings. 

Spiritual Teaching Organizations
WomenOwnYourPower - Women's Empowerment workshops in San Francisco.
Jmeditate - Classes in San Francisco.
Likeswans - Workshops in San Francisco.
Imeditate - Classes in New York City.
RamaMeditationSociety - Virtual meditation classes.
enMasterRama – Information about Rama.

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Shambhala Publications specializes in Tibetan Buddhist books and supplies.

Samadhi Cushions offers very comfortable meditation cushions. I prefer their zabuton cushion.