Know the weather at your target location - for highs/lows and storms rain/snow. This can be difficult to find out exactly. I use You will need extra water when it is hot or may need to bring hiking boots for snow. If you are on a peak, you must turn around if you see storm clouds or risk a lightning strike. You can find up to the minute information on nearly any location.

Emergency Supplies


Stay Awake. Make sure you bring your favorite “awake” beverage (coffee, soda, 5-Hr Energy, etc.) or pull-over when you are sleepy. (Or get enough sleep!)


Steel-belted, all-weather, plenty of tread.


AAA/towing service.



Fix-A-Flat can inflate and fix nearly any flat tire.




Know how to change a tire. Watch the process on youtube and make sure your spare tire is in good condition and that you have a jack, lug wrench and other tools.

Hiking and Traveling Recommendations
This gear and suggestions will help you have a safe and successful hiking and traveling experience.


Trail Safety

Stay on the trail. Don’t go off-trail unless you are an expert hiker and have strong experience with GPS units and a satellite phone.

Bring enough water. If you have used just over half your water, its time to turn around.

Know the exact time you started the trail and the exact time of sunset. The halfway point in your hike must occur early enough in the day so that you can reach the car before full-dark. I would not recommend an after-dark hike for a solo or inexperienced hiker.

Bring snacks on the trail. For longer hikes, you need some carbs mid-way. Nuts & raisins are convenient.


Hiking Poles are much better than a hiking stick and offer stability on sand, rocks, snow, ice and rivers.


I recommend Merrell and New Balance hiking shoes or mid-tops.


These offer good support for difficult trails. I always get these for new hiking shoes.


This flashlight uses 1 AAA and is nearly weightless.



Be able to dig your car out of sand and snow.


The Garmin Inreach Explorer will enable you to get emergency help from locations without cellular reception.


Keep some long-term food (health-bars) and water in your car in case you get stranded overnight.


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