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The beautiful and insightful new film from Magic Dog Creative, "Women and Enlightenment," is now featured on the "Dr. Frederick Lenz, Rama - Official Channel" on YouTube.Quotes from Rama's talks are combined with a strong narrative and compelling images. The world is out of balance, and this film captures the root cause as Rama taught it.

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  • The Enlightenment Cycle. 12 talks designed to bring beginners up to speed, including two talks on meditation
  • Zen Tapes. 18 talks using Zen Buddhism as a catalyst for personal growth and enlightenment.
  • Tantric Buddhism. 27 talks on in-depth Buddhism. And much more!


Surfing the Himalayas by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz. The engaging story of a young American snowboarder who travels to the Himalayas seeking the ultimate high - but surfs into an experience more transcendent than he could have ever imagined. In an accident of karmic destiny, the young man plows into Master Fwap, a Buddhist monk who takes him on as a spiritual apprentice. Using snowboarding as a path to enlightenment, the wise Master shows how one can master any mountain - and oneself.

Surfing the Himalayas Audio - Read by the author Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

Surfing the Himalayas - Free pdf

Surfing the Hamalayas - Free en espanol 


Snowboarding to Nirvana by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz. Continues the epic adventures of a young snowboarder and an enlightened Himalayan teacher, Master Fwap. The book presents numerous techniques for focusing and meditation.

Snowboarding to Nirvana - Free pdf

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MeditationTrainings.blogspot - Instructions for beginning and intermediate meditation, illustrated with beautiful photos.
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